eStatements Disclosures


In this Agreement And Consent To Electronic Delivery Of Information ("Consent"), the words “I”, “me” and “my” mean the undersigned member of Desert Schools Federal Credit Union ("Credit Union"). The words “you” and “your” mean Desert Schools Federal Credit Union.


Categories Of Records To Be Delivered Electronically

I understand that you will use an electronic record to provide or make available the following categories of information relating to transactions between you and me:

Right to Paper Record

I may obtain a paper copy of any disclosure or other information received electronically under this Consent by mailing a written request to the address below:

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
Attn: Member Assistance Center
P. O. Box 2945
Phoenix, AZ 85062-2945

I may also request a paper copy electronically through Online Banking. I must identify the specific record requested. Fees for receiving paper records, if any, will be assessed in accordance with your published fee schedule, which is available at your website at Schedule.

Right to Withdraw Consent

I may withdraw my consent and terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying you in writing at the address above, or by electronic means through Online Banking. I agree to allow you a reasonable time to resume providing disclosures and other information covered by this Agreement in written form. There are currently no conditions, fees or other restrictions relating to my withdrawal of consent. However, you reserve the right to impose such conditions, fees or other restrictions at any time upon such notice as may be required by law.

Updated Contact Information

If I change my e-mail address, Internet Service Provider or other information needed to contact me electronically, I must provide you with updated information by written notice sent to the address above or by electronic notice through Online Banking.

Hardware and Software Requirements

I must maintain a computer system with a web browser (click here for Browser Requirements) in order to receive disclosures electronically. Further, I must have a printer capable of printing any disclosures or account statements that are e-mailed to me and/or made available on your Web site, or have the ability to electronically save and visually display on my computer screen such documents.

I have reviewed and understand the above disclosures and hereby consent to your use of an electronic record to provide or make available the categories of information described above relating to all transactions between you and me.

Special Note Regarding e-statements

I must maintain an active Online Banking account in order to continue enrollment in e-statements. An active Online Banking account is defined as having met the following requirements:

If these requirements are not met, I understand that I will be removed from e-statements and will not receive benefits that are linked to e-statement enrollment.